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Empowering with English Proficiency

Professional Development

Taking your teaching skills to new heights.

N.I.N.E. Enterprises

Serving teachers and parents for 20+ years.

Alice Nine Academy

Lessons advancing student achievement.

Spell Drill

Daily spelling practice with a mouse.

Phonogram Page

70 common phonograms of English.

"Response writing starts with the answer from reading."

How can we teach evidence-based writing so that our students achieve a high performance level on RLA STAAR?

Alice Nine’s virtual, on demand workshop shows you how!

The redesigned STAAR…the changes, demands and constraints of the SCR and ECR questions. Instructional models and ideas to use immediately in your classroom.





Enlarge a child’s world.






Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever. Walt Disney


Learning is not attained by chance. Abigail Adams