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Celebrate this Week : February 11, 2017.

What does it mean to celebrate?
Webster writes,

celebrate  |ˈseləˌbrāt|  verb [ with obj. ]
1 publicly acknowledge (a significant or happy day or event)
with a social gathering or enjoyable activity

I am hereby publicly acknowledging five significant happenings in my week past.

 I. This week, I was home. Every morning, before the sun rose, I enjoyed coffee with my guy. No airports. No hotels.  I celebrate home!

II. This week, teachers’ emails inspired me. I celebrate inspiration that comes from others.

I received an email from a teacher who attend a PD event that I delivered a quite a few years ago. I feel so honored when a professional acquaintance from long ago reaches out to me now. Her questions inspired a post. Check it out. I love it when we touch each other digitally and sparks of inspiration ignite ideas.

I received an email from a teacher who attended a PD event that I delivered last week. I love it when a new PD acquaintance extends our association beyond the PD site or event. Because of her email, I added some resources to my online PD Center. I also posted another set of Simple Sentence Maps. Another digital touch that inspired me.

III. This week, I enjoyed writing my Tuesday Slice of Life, “Beak-to-Beak.” I also had time to read more slices than I normally do. And I love the digital touches we get to receive and leave in our blog comment boxes. I celebrate the online communities of writers and educators that I’ve joined this past year.

IV. This week, we* got together to celebrate another birthday kid. One of our nine-year-olds. We spent time in the evening doing the traditional things: singing, blowing out candles, eating cake and ice cream, opening presents, playing with new toys, sharing stories and laughter, catching up on recent happenings, and giving hugs– real-time touches— all around. I celebrate my family.

*   ‘We’ includes my husband, my kids who live nearby, their spouses, their children (the cousins), and me; usually 18, sometimes 26, in all.

You really must come on over and celebrate at Discover Play Build  with Ruth Ayres and others who have linked in to share their celebrations.

Thank you, Ruth, for inviting us to celebrate with you!