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Celebrate This Week : December 30, 2016.

For days I’ve been pondering words — nouns, verbs, adjectives, and even adverbs, searching to know the one little word I should choose for 2017. The word rejoice came to mind, but I pushed it aside and thought of strength because I am always so encouraged by a line in Deborah’s song–“O my soul, march on in strength!” For a bit, I even mulled over march. Then I considered hope because I know that “hope deferred makes the heart sick.” I even wondered about increase because I’m believing for increase in 2017. But always the word rejoice tugged at me, growing stronger in my heart until at last, I committed to it as my one little word for 2017.


Rejoice. It is a verb, an action, something someone does. As a one word sentence, it is an imperative, a command, and commands are always expressed in the simple present tense, action for right now.

Rejoice. It is derived from re- (again) + joïr (to be glad), and has the archaic meaning “to make glad; delight.” Perhaps its meaning is more fully revealed in its long list of synonyms: “be joyful, be happy, be pleased, be glad, be delighted, be elated, be ecstatic, be euphoric, be overjoyed, be as pleased as punch, be jubilant, be in raptures, be beside oneself with joy, be delirious, be thrilled, be on cloud nine, be in seventh heaven; celebrate, make merry; informal be over the moon, be on top of the world.”

After the sun sets tomorrow and the clock has ticked away the last minutes of 2016, I will celebrate the gift of a new year.

Happy 2017!


Thank you, Ruth Ayres, for making a place for us to Celebrate This Week.
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