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Slice of Life

Monday is fading, and there is only one word for this one. Busy.

I’m catching a morning flight tomorrow and will be out of my office all week. I will be away from home all week. It is the last day of the month. First quarter reports had to be turned in today. Therein you have the causes for much of my more than normal busyness.

My workshop supplies, documents, and books are packed. My carry-on bags are packed. I now need to check the El Paso weather forecast so I can pack my personal bag.

Tuesday morning, this will be the view from my window on take-off.

Look what came in my mail today! Just in time for me to take as flight reading material. I won it in JoAnn Macken’s April give-away.  Thank you, JoAnn!  It is nestled in my carry-on. I will be enjoying it with my morning coffee on board.

And I threw in two other books, favorites of mine.

I’ve lost track how many flights Brave Companions has made with me. History, biographies, and David McCullough are at the top of my list of favorites. I’m always inspired by this book. Tomorrow I plan to reread the chapter (every chapter is about a different person) about Louis Agassiz, one of the greatest scientist of his day. McCullough shares at length about Agassiz pedagogy. I’m inspired every time I read it.

Can you tell I’ve already read Craft Moves by Stacey Shubitz? I’m taking it along because I want to revisit Stacey’s words and my notes in the margin and on yellow stickies. Working on craft moves with mentor texts has long been my approach to teaching writing, as well as developing my own. Thank you, Stacey, for writing this book. It is a gem!

Here’s to a spectacular week for one and all as we head into MAY!


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