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Slice of Life March Challenge. No. 20.

A party!

Who doesn’t love a party?
I am accepting  Leigh Anne Eck’s invitation to a Slicer Party.
I hope I see you there, too, before the month of March is over.

Leigh Anne asked each of us to bring five of our favorite things and to share about each!   Here is what I would bring to share with all of you:

Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Tea and my Teavana Perfectea Maker to make the perfect cup of tea because, in the evening, there is nothing better than sipping a cup of my favorite tea. Jade citrus mint is a green tea –a delightful blend of citrus, lemon verbena, lemongrass and spearmint. I drink it for its aroma as much as its flavor.

A bag or two of MI-DEL Ginger Snaps because they are so ginger-y and crunchy. I love ginger’s pungent peppery taste that makes my mouth feel warm. I know not everyone will like them, but if you are a ginger lover, you will won’t get enough.

I would bring Brave Companions  by David McCullough because this is probably my most re-read book; in fact, the only book I’ve re-read more than this one is the Bible. Each chapter is a story about a person who had vision and daring and whose sacrifices and achievements still impact our world. And David McCullough is a brilliant storyteller and a master historian. Sometimes I read for inspiration from the lives of these brave companions; sometimes, for the beauty of David McCullough’s writing as he paints each portrait.

I would bring one of Sally Harmon‘s CDs because Sally’s piano orchestrations are the best listening music. Sally has played for dignitaries in some of our great concert halls. Sally is a friend of my daughter and was her piano teacher for a number of years. Sally and her husband provided music at my daughter’s wedding reception. During one of my projects, much of my work was in a secluded, windowless room. I told Sally that her music was my continual background, providing windows in my windowless room.

I would bring a bundle of dried lavender, cut from my lavender bed. We would each pull a flower spike from the bundle and rub it between the palms of our hands, crushing the tiny flowers, releasing the most soothing aroma.


THANKS Leigh Anne for the invitation.  I’m delighted to add my name to your guest list.
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Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for hosting
2017 Slice of Life Story Challenge