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#SOL16, No. 27.

Easter Sunday 2016

I am he who lives, and was dead, and
Behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen.
Revelation 1:18
This I believe.

A foreboding darkness
Covers the land
Jesus hangs
On a cross
As life ebbs
He cries
It is finished

Bowing His head
He dies
The earth shakes
Lightning flashes
Rocks split
Graves open
Saints are raised
The temple veil is rent
Great fear
Falls on all people
This I believe

Away slip the disciples
Hearts filled with sorrow
Is the One
In whom they’ve hoped
His body
In a tomb
By Roman soldiers
Seems triumphant
They hide
In a darkened room
Behind a locked door
This I believe

Then the third day dawns
The earth shakes again
But there is no darkness
A great light shines
An angel descends
And rolls back the stone
The guards
Shake for fear
And are like dead men
On the rock
Sits the angel
He speaks
To the women
Who love Jesus
Do not be afraid
For I know
That you seek Jesus
Who was crucified
He is not here
For He is risen as He said
Come see the place
Where the Lord lay
This I believe

Peter and John
Hear the strange tale
From the women
Dare they believe
Is it true
To the tomb
They hurry
They enter
They see
They believe
Jesus is not there
He is risen
He is alive
This I believe

The words of Jesus
I am
The resurrection
And the life
Who believes in Me

Though he
May die

Shall live

And whoever
 and believes
In Me

Shall never die
This I believe

The same
That raised
From the dead
Lives in
That same Spirit
Gives me life
And the life
That I now have
Is in Christ
I live
Yet not I
But Christ
In me
This I believe

I celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus
He has ransomed me from darkness
He has forgiven my transgressions
Though they were as scarlet
He has washed me white as snow
In Him
I am
Alive forevermore
This I believe.

© 2016 Alice Nine   All rights reserved.

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