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Tuesday Slice of Life : February 14, 2017.

The day has been full of loose ends begging for my attention, interfering with my work on the things I had prioritized, the tasks I’d numbered this morning in my bullet journal. I’m working in what is called a garden room–a room on the southwest corner of our house with two walls of windows and a door to our yard. But we’ve always call it the music room because it houses our piano. I’ve spread my work across a table retired from former kitchens. This is one of my favorite spots to work — especially on a cold winter day, especially when I feel the need for sunshine, especially when I want to sit at the edge of neighborhood life that passes along our street.

Between tasks, I push back — thinking about what I haven’t completed and wondering how the hours slip away so quickly. The sun has begun its descent in the southern sky. I long for it’s more northerly route of spring. The blue sky belies the chill of the winter wind which is shaking bare branches, causing them to cast dark dancing shadows through lacy curtains that once covered my mother’s windows.  A scentsy candle releases the smell of fresh-baked cookies. And I sip the comfort of mint from my warm cup of jade citrus mint green tea  (even its name speaks tranquility).  Love Songs of the Beatles float over this Monday afternoon. Life is good, and I am blessed.

❤️  Happy Valentine’s Day  ❤️

Writing about my writing.

  • In the last sentence of the first paragraph, I crafted a pitchfork–used the power of three. Do you see it? Did you feel the power of it? What do you notice about the construction of the three prongs of the pitchfork?
  • I worked to include all five senses. What words signal each sense? Are all five present?
  • What mood have I crafted? Which words contribute to this mood?

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Two Writing Teachers,

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