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Slice of Life Tuesday #190402

Not all appreciation is expressed with a “thank you”…

My daughter, her husband, and their five children were out and about doing errands and having fun the way families do. It was lunchtime and they were more than an hour from home. So they stopped to get a bite at a down-home diner.

BN, who just turned eleven, was especially enjoying his order of chicken tenders (aka: chicken fingers, chicken strips). As he dipped his last tender into the ranch dressing, he sighed and said, “Man, this is really delicious. Someday I’m going to bring my children here.”

Now that’s what I call genuine, unabashed appreciation.


Musings about March…
Can it really be that March is over…
and I just submitted my Slice of Life Participant Pledge
officially declaring I completed the challenge,
officially entering my name into the drawing for #SOLC19 prizes?
Well, it is. And I did.
And my daily screen time reports went off the charts!

Thank you fellow bloggers…
I am sending a huge heartfelt thanks to you who blogged
Who shared laughter, wonderings, and sometimes sadness
Who introduced me to people you love and important projects
Who opened your classroom, your home, and your life
Who invited me to celebrations, on camping trips, or to sit at your table
Who took me to far away places, on a neighborhood walk, or to a favorite pond
Who shared your learning … and I learned too.

Thank you fellow commenters…
To everyone who visited my blog and commented, I say another huge heartfelt thanks! I have been encouraged by your comments. I appreciate you!

Thank you to the crew at Two Writing Teachers…
A heartfelt thank you to Beth, Betsy, Deb, Kathleen, Kelsey, Lanny, Melanie, and Stacey for their commitment to writing and to us, for making #SOLC19 possible.


Slice of Life Tuesdays #SOL19
Thank you to

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