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Slice of Life

By the end of April we will have celebrated ten 2018 birthdays in this family. That leaves us sixteen still to go. Of those sixteen, seven will be in the month of July. Once upon a time, we celebrated each individual birthday. However, in recent years, we began combining those that were close to each other. So with three of our boys having a birthday last week, we celebrated them together on Sunday . . . before we had the family Easter egg hunt, which ended up being in the rain.

Sometimes we bake a big pan of brownies–a special recipe that I received from a teacher in Ohio while conducting PD at her school. Sometimes we get a special order cake from the bakery. In the summer, we might have ice cream pies.  And last year we made strawberry shortcake deluxe for the July birthdays. We start with homemade biscuits split, filling them with layers of strawberries, ice cream, more berries, and whipped cream. The biscuit top is added and covered  with more whipped cream and heaps of strawberries.

We had cupcakes and ice cream this time. The birthday boys each had a giant cupcake. Can you imagine a cupcake with 14 candles crammed on top? The cupcakes with 12 and 8 each were pretty crowded, too.

Setting the table for 14 cousins.


Two of the little ones inspecting the cupcake lineup … ready for ice cream scoops


Lighting TM’s 14 candles


Lighting NC’s 12 candles


Lighting SN’s 8 candles


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