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Celebrate this Week : January 21, 2017

This week I am celebrating boots and shoes!
I found comfort!
I found style!
And they fit!
I found them in the airport of all places. Yep!  At ccMcKenzie Shoes and Apparel in Concourse C at the Portland International Airport. I wrote about my purchase in The Other Side of TSA, a slice of life.

Now I’m writing about them in my Celebrate this Week. But before I tell you more, you need a short backstory.

All my life, since I was a child, I’ve hated shoe-shopping. I have the toughest time getting a pair to fit, and as my feet have grown older, they beg for comfort. So what with style, fit, and comfort, finding a basic shoe is a difficult task.

Last Monday, as I made my way to my departure gate, I stopped for a couple minutes to ponder the purchase of a pair of boots I’d been looking at for at least three trips. This time I did more than look, I bought a pair.

Day One:  I decided I’d wear them to my first workshop day. I know that’s risky, teaching and standing all day in a new pair of shoes or boots. But I figured if it got unbearable, I’d go to my hotel room during our lunch break and change. Well, I wore them all day and there was no fatigue, no sore places.

Day Two:  I wore them the second day, and marveled at their comfort. I kept them on that evening when I went out with a friend for supper. Never do I spend the day and the evening in the same boots or shoes.

Day Three:  I decided to go for a third day, another workshop day filled with standing and walking as I presented. And then, on that third day, immediately after the workshop, I headed to the airport and wore those boots for the next five hours traveling home.

I wore them with socks. I wore them without socks. They were odorless. And did I mention they are waterproof and machine washable?

Well, when I arrived at PDX, Thursday evening around eight on my return trip, I headed straight up Concourse C for ccMcKenzie’s.

Without hesitation, I purchased the navy blue low-cut lace-up shoe I had also been eyeing.

Now I have my eyes on a pair of red slip-ons . . .

Tomorrow I’ll be wearing my red boots as I head east across the country.
And on Monday as I walk the halls and stairs at PS147 and share with students and teachers, I’ll be wearing my red boots.

I am definitely REJOICING (OLW17) over my boot and shoe discovery.

ccMcKenzie is a small family-owned store. They have three brick and mortar locations: one in Bend, OR and two at the Portland International Airport. They also have an online store (links in this post). Purchase online — no sales tax, no shipping — that’s what the clerk told me.

Come on over and celebrate at Discover Play Build  with Ruth Ayres and others who have linked in to share their celebrations. Thank you, Ruth for inviting us to celebrate. #Celebratelu