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Tuesday Slice of Life : August 16, 2016.

It’s all Robyn Hood Black‘s fault and she has no idea.
I read her Friday Poetry blog post last week.
I just couldn’t let go of it.
She’d piqued my curiosity.

Now, if anyone reads any further and clicks on the links, I think you will agree, I spent a large slice of life on Google. Whoever knew? Bugscuffle and Bugtussle. Just look at what you did, Robyn Hood Black. All because you stopped to take a picture of a road sign.

That’s right!

Those bugs have
Streets, Boulevards, Roads and Spurs
And towns– galore

They’ve got
A school
And a hog-hunting ranch
An inn with some cabins
A community church
And even a cemetery to RIP

And when they tire of -Scuffle
They’ve got -Tussle
With more towns
And the Clampett clan’s old home
And a farm that’s paradise

They’ve got
Some Texas salsa—
The Bugtussle Burn

There’s the Cafe Press
Printing tees and sweatshirts
Caps and bibs
And can we count
A high speed rural internet service
That spells it -el instead of -le

So, a –Scuffle?
Or a –Tussle?
The bugs really don’t care
And neither do I

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