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#SOL16. No.21.

I read, and I laughed, and then inspired by Alan Wright’s SOL16 Day 20 post, I took out my dictionary and wrote.

It was in the time of the year when trees are about to leaf that he came home on leave. We talked and I asked if I could leaf through the pages of the contract. Now, I’ve determined that the contract leaves much to be desired. So, I am seeking leave to change it before he leaves town again. Perhaps all of this will be over before the leaves turn color and fall.

We added a shelf to my son’s bookcase, making a total of three shelves on which he can shelve his journals. But because the foundation of our old house shelves a bit to the east, his journals slid to the floor. One opened to a page about the scandal of the player who claimed he did not shelf the team captain.

My sister-in-law has always called me a word nerd.


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