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Poetry Friday : August 19, 2016.

This evening, I collected words that family, friends, colleagues, and former students shared on my friend’s Facebook page and wrote a brief eulogy. I felted comforted as I read and gathered their words and as I put them into the lines of this found poem.

Dear beautiful friend
It’s so unfair
Your time came too soon
You left the earth today

Growing up
In a small neighborhood
We had imagination, sprinklers
Bicycles, tricycles, picnics,
… and YOU
You NEVER left anyone out
You made people smile
You inspired us
A beautiful soul
An incredible woman
The bravest and strongest
With kindness unmeasurable
Everyone’s friend
With a shoulder to cry on
And laughter to share
You lived your life with integrity
Touched us in deep lasting ways
You were unconditional
Shaping lives of countless children
A most favorite teacher
Your legacy will continue
We said goodbye
Hearts are in pieces
We celebrate your life!


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Thank you Dori for hosting Poetry Friday this week.