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#SOL16, No. 26.

I have been following Mark E. Weston’s Heartland Series, stories from his boyhood. His writings are making me pause and remember. So for my slice today, I’ve written a poem remembering Easters of my girlhood. My title, Easter Past, borrows from Charles Dickens.


Our breakfast
colorful hard-boiled eggs
slices of home-made paska*
thickly spread with sweet butter
soft hymns drift from our radio

The baskets
lined with shredded paper grass
laden with bright jellybeans
soft marshmallow Peeps
and each with one dark chocolate egg

My frilly dress
with bonnet to match
shiny white patent shoes
black corkscrew curls
hanging nearly to my waist

Church bells
ringing from the steeples
townspeople gathering
dressed in their finest, singing
Christ the Lord is ris’n today, Alleluia!

A story
of three crosses on a hill
a stone rolls away
a tomb is empty
Jesus is alive

Our dinner
baked ham with potato salad
deviled eggs and veggies
cake with ice cream
seven at the table

*a classic Ukrainian Easter bread

© 2016 Alice Nine All rights reserved.

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