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March Slice of Life No. 26.

Thumbing my journals today, I ran across a few EN anecdotes from his preschool years.

Anecdote 1.
EN had been trailing me around the house all afternoon.
EN: What are you doing, Gramma?
Me: Brushing my teeth.
EN places his hand on his hip and studies my mouth that is foaming with toothpaste.
EN: Nice teeth, Gramma!

Anecdote 2.
Dad is grilling.
EN has absconded the large BBQ tongs, and he is using both hands to open and close them.
Me, from porch: What are you doing, EN?
EN: Pinching. I’m a crab.
Me: What are you going to pinch?
EN:  People.
(He heads toward his dad, pinching the tongs as fast as he can.)

Anecdote 3.
EN: Mommy, there’s a spider in your bedroom!
Mommy heads up the stairs with determination.
EN plops onto the couch, gives Mommy a huge thumbs up.
Then he wipes his brow with his hand and sighs with relief: Whew!
Me: Why did you say, Whew?
EN, with tragic expression: Spiders want people’s blood.
(He has been watching “Charlotte’s Web.”)

Anecdote 4.
It is a very cold windy day.
EN and EM burst into my kitchen with a gust of wind.
Me:  Is it cold outside?
EN:  Un..huh!  It is like invisible snow going all around your body.

Me:  Really?
EN: Yes, ’cause in the clouds there is a big blizzard is coming.


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