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March Slice of Life No. 5.

This will be my final post about snow for Winter 2017-18.
The life and times of the Snows begin on February 19th and end on 28th.

Our world awakes to a thin white blanket.

9:30 AM.
My grandkids build a “partially brown snowman” in their yard.

11:00 AM.
My grandkids come to my yard and make the Snows — Grandpa and Grandma Snow. The sun comes out and the small patches of snow on the ground quickly melt. (Keep watching the ground and the branches of the walnut tree in the background as you look at the pictures that follow.)

Night falls.   And I wonder, What do snowmen do at night?


9:00 AM. 
Snow begins to fall again. But much of it melts as it touched the ground because the flakes are so wet and the temperatures hover just above freezing.

10:00 AM.
Snow continues to fall heavily.
Temperatures drop, and snow begins to accumulate .

5:30 PM.
Snowflakes become enormous.
The cloud blankets are shaking out their feathers.


9:00 AM.
During the night snow falls quietly, without wind.
When morning comes, trees, bushes, fences look as if they are covered with cotton puffs.

The Snows’ stick arms look as if they’ve turned to snow.


One week later.

11:00 AM.
The Snows have been reduced to a single much smaller snowball.
Their stick arms and carrot noses lay on the ground where they have fallen.


Finally, the Snows are no longer with us.
So, I write an epitaph for them.

Here on green grass and moss
Lie the remains of the Snows
who melted with ease
For lack of a freeze


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