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I Corinthians 13

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Today is a day to celebrate love. A day to speak of our love. A day to share tokens of our love.

So, what exactly is love? Is there a universal definition? One that fits all our varied relationships? What words can describe it? How do we know we love and are loved?

As I reflected, I remembered my high school literature teacher and the passage she said was the greatest literary passage on love, a passage she required us to memorize — to the dotting of the i’s and the crossing of the t’s. {We memorized one literary passage every marking period.}

I read that passage again, and then I wrote a poem. I wrote a Skinny because fewer words seemed best and some words needed repeating.


Love is greater
greater is Love

© 2019 Alice Nine

What is a Skinny?
The skinny poem, sometimes referred to simply as the Skinny, is an American form created by Truth Thomas. The point of the Skinny is to do what poetry does in as few words as possible.

A skinny poem is eleven lines.

The first and last lines can be any length although shorter lines are preferred. The last line must repeat the words from the first and opening line; however, the words and any punctuation can be rearranged.

All the lines, except for the first and last lines, must be ONLY one word.

The second, sixth, and tenth lines MUST be identical.

{If you haven’t, you really should try your hand at writing a Skinny.}

Read more at The Skinny Poetry Journal.

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Writing about my writing

A bit of grammar . . .
Did you notice that I’ve used -ing forms of verbs as adjectives in six of the lines of my Skinny? When this form of the verb functions as an adjective, we call it a participle. Using participles infuses action into a description. I am describing love by portraying it through its actions.

A bit of crafting . . .
I didn’t use capitals at the beginning of the lines because they need to flow into each other. When they do, they offer a number of different ways to read the poem. Also, by having no other words capitalized, my capitalization of the abstract noun love is more noticeable. I used that visual emphasis to draw attention to my personification of Love.

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