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Celebrate this Week : March 12, 2017.
Slice of Life March Challenge. No. 12.

Today I celebrate a SAFE JOURNEY.
Today I celebrate HOME, SWEET HOME.
Today I celebrate having TIME. 

Yesterday, I wrote my slice (Journey Home) while on a long Miami layover, when we were between our first flight and second flight of our three-flight journey home. I wrote of my anticipated arrival home per travel plans, per flight schedules. Well, it didn’t happen that way. Instead our craft that was to take us out of Miami had engine / fuel problems, and the delay meant we would miss our CLT connection. So I immediately called the AA Executive Platinum Desk to see what options we had. There weren’t many; we chose to re-routed to SEA on a red-eye, and then catch a morning shuttle to PDX.

We flew for 7 hours:
–Departed MIA for SEA, 9 PM
We rocked, jerked, bounced across four time zones
–Arrived SEA, 1 AM

We waited for 4 hours:
–Arrived SEA, 1 AM
Airport clocks jumped from 2 AM to 3 AM in one second
–Departed SEA for PDX, 6 AM

Do the math,
Pay attention to the notes
And you will see
that I gained three hours
and then lost one
all on the same night

Happy Daylight Saving Day

Check out my grumblings about Daylight Saving Time,
written in the fashion Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham,
Change the Clock.

You really must come on over and celebrate at Discover Play Build with Ruth Ayres and others who have linked in to share their celebrations this week.

Thank you, Ruth, for hosting a place for us to celebrate with you!  #Celebratelu


Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for hosting
2017 Slice of Life Story Challenge