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Growing Strong Writers is a series of professional development workshops.  In these workshops, I am attentive to the importance of daily writing practice, the complex demands of learning English, and a desire to cultivate a love for writing.

These workshops offer super simple, step-by-step, no nonsense, can-use-it-tomorrow routines and strategies.

Workshops are interactive, providing space for teachers to do the work of a student in order to experience the routines themselves, to learn routine procedures, and to expand personal knowledge. Hands-on learning at its best.

I also share practical ideas for adapting routines to meet diverse student needs and modify for different grade levels.

Some of the workshops in my Growing Strong Writers series–

Crafting Sentences
— a focus on discovery, instruction, and practice in sentence making that encourages student imagination and analytical thinking

Morning Pages
— a focus on daily writing routines that I use to build students’ self-confidence, stamina, and skills

Writing with Authors
— intimation writing that I call “Ape the Author” — a phrase from Robert Louis Stevenson’s description of how he developed his writing skills

How We Write
— with a single sentence, we can teach students about the writing process and the vocabulary of writing

Poetry Fridays
— writing poetry by intentionally using raw knowledge of language (phonics, vocabulary, grammar) in the composition process