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Slice of Life

Who doesn’t like receiving a box in the snail mail?

Two weeks ago I was so excited to received the following Twitter message!

From Tammy and Clare


You see, earlier in the month, while following IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BOOKS Blog Tour, I’d commented and entered my name in the book drawing. I never dreamed I’d win!

Each day, I wondered if it would really arrive. Then one morning last week, there was a knock on my back screen, “Delivery!”

By the time I got to the door, the delivery person was already back to the street and propped against the wall on my back porch was a small package. The size of a book. I felt a rush of excitement — the excitement I remember as a kid when I received a gift I had been hoping to get.

I picked up the small package and immediately began tugging at the box to force it open. {Does anyone ever really pay attention to the spot on the box with the words “Open Here”?}

Inside was Tammy and Clare’s newest book…

I  ♡ this cover!

… and with the book was a lovely personal note.

Thank you Tammy & Clare for writing this book!


I’ve only had time to thumb through the pages. {As some of you know I’m enjoying a three-week visit from my son, his wife, and three kids who live in Ecuador.}  So as I was thumbing pages, Chapter 3 just jumped out of the book at me. Take a look at the title! This is one of the big needs that I encounter — maximizing access!!  Can’t wait to read!

“You can’t love what you can’t read”

Just thumbing the pages… and… I see so many practical ideas, am loving all the photos, and am excited about the scope of information. In fact, I just got off the phone from sharing this book with a fellow educator {and I haven’t even read it yet!}. We even got online simultaneously to find the webpage for the book at so she knows for sure which book it is. {I love shopping with a friend, don’t you? And today, miles are not a limitation!} Her response, “Oh! I’ve got to get that book right now!”  And with that, our conversation rushed to possibilities, how to use the book to support a couple schools whose children’s books are stagnating.

Next week I head off to do some PD and I am so looking forward to packing this book in my bag for flight reading. {Be sure your get that initial sound — /f/ on flight, no way is this light.}

Thank you Tammy and Clare for writing this book.
Thank your gift to me.





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