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Tuesday Slice of Life : January 31, 2017.

It’s the end of January!

I always approach the end of January with a bit of reluctance. Really with a whole lot of reluctance. It means 4th quarter reports and end of the year reports. It means setting up my business files for a new year. And that all means a lot of clerical work which I’m not too fond of.  But hey, with persistence, I finished what is due today (there will be more for other deadlines), and I still have one day left in January!

The hour is now late. My day is fading into tomorrow. But before it does, I’m determined to write very briefly about an idea that has been germinating for a number of months, an idea seeded by teachers. The idea? Putting sentences with their maps on index cards to share with teachers via my blog and social media. Perhaps I will post one each day, Monday through Thursday.

Sentence mapping is one way that I bridge grammar to text, develop writing at the sentence level, and practice our crafting skills. And with that over simplified explanation, I’m calling this day a very good day!

Click HERE to take a look at my first post.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, your ideas.


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