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I was over on Molly’s blog the other day . . .
She was sharing about her uneasiness in signing up for #SOLC19. Her words resonated with me and I commented —

. . . I will be posting a lot of rough drafts. Perhaps I will “stamp” them “Rough Draft” the way my students would do their papers when they didn’t want to or didn’t have time to revise. I could just put ROUGH DRAFT in red on the first line of the post. Or I could designate all of them as “Morning Pages from A9 Journals.” I kinda like that one… Whoa… I think I’m writing a slice here instead of a comment. Haha!

Then I stopped by Beverley A. Baird’s . . . and wouldn’t you know it, she was writing about the same thing. So I commented —

I am so with you, Bev. I hesitated for a long time… and then finally committed. My mantra for March #SOLC19 is “Brief and Rough.” I think that will get me through the 31 days. … I will be looking for you!

Well, today, I spent my writing time fooling around with possible images.

Here’s my first idea. I like its simplicity.

Option 1

Here’s another. I love the red pen and the coffee cup is just right. It goes with the steaming cup of coffee on the home page of my blog.

Option 2

If I incorporate my mantra “Rough & Brief,” it could be …

Option 3
Option 4

What do you think?
Which one do you like?

Of course, I must still answer two critical questions. Will I actually be able to publicly share something that I know is a rough draft? And can I keep it brief?

Perhaps not.

But I’m really must if I’m going to make it to March 31st.


March 2019 SOLC–Day 2
Thank you to

Two Writing Teachers