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Poetry Friday.

Oh, —
— the color.
— the fragrance.
— the sound of the word.

All summer long, I enjoy my bed lavender. I can’t walk past it without breaking off a stem and rubbing it between my palms. In the cool of early summer mornings, I drink its intoxicating aroma. And in the sunlight, I watch the bees flit from blossom to blossom. I always have a hard time talking myself into cutting it to bundle and dry. But I know that if I do, it will be with me on a dreary, wintry day. And I must add, that even though I love lavender for its own sake, my little bit of lavender is extra special because it was planted by my son who lives in Ecuador.


Sweetly fragrant
Fresh and clean


. . . What?
Cooking? ?
Yes . . .

I was on a layover in Phoenix, browsing a novelty shop when I spotted a display of lavender products.

  • Lavender essential oil.
  • Lavender lip balm.
  • Lavender lotion.
  • Lavender shampoo.
  • Lavender soap.
  • A beauty bag filled with travel-sized lavender products.

And then I saw it. A small jar of culinary lavender. And nearby, the Lavender Cookbook by Sharon Shipley.

I turned the book over in my hand and read,

“Sharon Shipley loves lavender, and she infuses her passion into over 120 intriguing recipes. It’s a must have for all lavender devotees.”

Well, I’m not sure I agree. I like looking at my lavender; I like breathing deeply of my lavender, but I’m not sure I want to consume any lavender.

But, still undecided, when I boarded my next flight, I was carrying a small brown bag stamped Los Poblanos, the Organic Lavender Farm with my new lavender cookbook and a small jar of culinary lavender wrapped in none else but lavender tissue paper.


Ah, …
… the color,
… the fragrance,
… the flavor,
… the sound of the word —

And just in case you’d like a bit more lavender . . .
And since this is Poetry Friday . . .
I’m sharing a link to Amy Ludwig VanDerwater April 2 post when she drew a lavender crayon and writes of a lavender sky.  I especially love how Amy shares her thinking and crafting of her poem, “Each Morning.”

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