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#SOL16. No.18.

TS  and NC (12- and 10-year-old brothers) have been learning about safety—water safety, bicycle safety, hiking safety.

While reading about safety protocol for hiking in a woods, they got into a discussion about ticks. The tick talk included information about how ticks embed themselves in our flesh and suck our blood.

In the ebb and flow of their discussion, since they live in a city in a geographic area where ticks are not abundant, their mother shared about her experience with a tick when she was a child. That, of course, led to a graphic discussion on how to check for ticks and how to remove ticks. And finally from the text, they learned about disease that ticks can carry.

In the flow of their conversation, some other bloodsucking bugs were discussed-mosquitoes, head lice, bed bugs. They talked about the importance of being responsible. And being responsible, in plain language, is telling people you are in contact with if you picked up lice.

As the conversation ebbed into a reflective moment, TS slowly and with a noticeable reluctance flatly stated, “Life just got a lot harder.”

Did you know?  Ticks are arachnids.
Meaning, they are more closely related
to spiders and scorpions than insects.

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