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For our preschool class, I try to come up with a story craft that is something they can easily hold. They really seem to like those the most. Sometimes it has a handle, sometimes it’s on a craft stick or slips over their hand or fingers. Sometimes it fastens on their wrist using velcro dots. I totally stay away from anything that hangs around the neck. That’s just too scary for me.

Angels among their favorite hand-held crafts to make. They are part of so many Bible stories, so it’s great to have a variety to make. Here are two versions of the angels we make.

To make the angel below, we cut out an angel from card stock paper. The kids glued lots of glitter to the angel.  We folded a coffee filter in half for the wings and glued them in place. Then we taped a long wooden coffee stirrer (you can also use a craft stick or a pencil, preferably an unsharpened one) to the back and made a halo from a yellow pipe cleaner (chenille stem), also taping it to the back of the angel. This angel climbed Jacob’s ladder.



To make the next angel, we cut a large paper doily in half. We rolled one half into a cone shape and taped it. We pushed a wooden coffee stirrer (or unsharpened pencil) through the opening of the cone, taping it to the back of the angel. On the top of the stirrer, we glued a cotton ball for the head. We folded the straight edge of the other half of the doily to give it some strength. Then we glued it in place for wings. This one is our Christmas angel.


To hold the angels while they dry, we cut a slit in the bottom of a paper cup and slipped the coffee stirrer handle into the slit.