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#SOL16. No.23.


It is the very error of the moon. She comes more near the earth
than she was wont. And makes men mad.
William Shakespeare, Othello

Sharon and I sit in the Brian Center dining hall with Mick, waiting for his dinner tray. Mick, in the final stage of a terminal, debilitating disease, has lost speech and cannot feed himself.

We chat about the day and our kids, laugh about some good ole memories, and watch a full moon rise over the trees.  Mick’s eyes tell us he knows, he understands, and he enjoys our chatter.

After a bit, an orderly and a nurse push three ladies in wheelchairs up to our table. We fall silent as the ladies begin to converse–if one can call it that.

Lady A to Lady B:  Which number are you?

Lady B:  Two-O-eight.

Lady A to Lady C:  Which number are you?

Lady C:  Two-sixteen.

Lady A to Lady B: Which number are you?

Lady B:  2. 0. 8.

Lady A to Lady B again: Which number are you?

Lady B: 2, 2, 2, 2!  0, 0, 0 ,0!  8, 8, 8, 8!  2-0-8!

Lady A to Lady B again: Which number are you?

Lady B: You can shut your mouth!

Lady A turns to Lady C:  Which number are you?

Lady C: 2-16!  2-16!

Again, Lady A to Lady C:  Which number are you?

Lady C, smiles: Sweet 16!

Lady A to Lady C:  Which . . .

But before Lady A can complete her question,
Lady B loudly interrupts:  She’s sweet 16!  Sweet 16!!

And they say that there is no such thing as lunar lunacy.

Writing about my writing
This month’s full moon, traditionally called the Worm Moon, is on Wednesday, March 23rd. Reading an article about it and reading about lunar lunacy made remember this slice of life — a dinner conversation in a nursing care center that I had recorded in my journal. As I worked on the writing today, I decided that the tone I wanted was best created using the present tense.

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