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Poetry Friday : Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!

Last year for Mother’s Day, I wrote of my mother — a five-minute stream-of-consciousness piece that became the draft of a poem. This week, I revised those lines, and with them I honor the memory of my mother, gentle and strong.

How do I write
in five minutes about you?

You who gave me life,
Kissed away my boo-boos,
Taught me right from wrong,
Wrapped me in unconditional love.

You led me early to your Lord,
Taught me how to pray, how to believe,
Held my hand when my heart was broken,
Stood in faith when all seemed impossible.

You showed me how to celebrate,
Smell the flowers, sing with songbirds,
Speak truth, spread kindness, and

Embrace sunsets knowing sunrises always follow.

Like you, I now notice changing colors and
geese flying south,
first snows and Christmas
lights, y
ellow forsythia, returning robins, pink
dragonflies, and night songs of summer.

Twenty-four Mother’s Days have come and gone
And still I miss you.
I love you, Mom.

© 2018 Alice Nine  All rights reserved.

My mother’s bluebird music box

Each year, when I think we’ve had enough snow and ice, when I think it’s time for spring, I bring out my mother’s porcelain bluebird music box, wind it up a few times, and celebrate in anticipation of the coming of another spring that will slip into summer. And then when nights turn chilly again, I put the bluebird away to await the next spring.

porcelain bluebird music box by Gorham


* * * * * *


Celebrate this Week : Mothers Close to Me

This week I celebrate the mothers in my family, beginning with my mother, Helen. Then my grandmothers, Amelia and Alice. I celebrate their memory – thankful they forged the pathway of faith before me.

my mother — a beautiful bride

Moving forward a generation to my daughter, Christy, and my daughters-in-law, Katrina and Jacky, I celebrate their lives – thankful that they too walk this pathway of faith with their children.

These are noble women. Women of wisdom, givers of faithful instruction, caring for their households. Women whose children arise and call them blessed. These are Proverbs 31 women.


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Celebrate this Week with Ruth Ayres, Thank you, Ruth! #Celebratelu.