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#SOL16. No.15.

In my back yard, a lone snowman stood, quietly smiling. Though temperatures were getting colder, he kept smiling. When the wind blew hard, he still smiled. Maybe it was Mandi’s red scarf around his neck, or Mike’s black sock hat on his head, or Madi’s mittens on his scratchy arms that made him smile.

I called to him from my porch, “Why did you choose to stand in my back yard?”

“Oh!” he chuckled, “I didn’t choose your yard. The children chose ME!”

“They did?!”

“Oh, yes, they worked hard to get me here. All day they rolled snowballs. The snowballs started out very little, but soon with lots of work, they grew big. And suddenly, I was here.”

“How long will you stay?” I shivered in the cold.

“Until the sun calls me away.”

I couldn’t help myself. I stepped off the porch and gave him a big hug. Before I turned to run back inside, I whispered, “When the sun calls you away, don’t forget us. Come back again.”

“I’ll always come,” he smiled, “As long as the children want me.”

Photo Gallery
Mr. Snowman, 2008


Mr. Snowman, 2011


Toddler Snowman 2011


Mr. Snowman, 2012


Mr. & Mrs. Snowman, 2012



Writing about my writing
Several winters ago, I drafted this story.
Today, I pulled it out of my writing portfolio and revised it.
Then I searched our family albums to construct a photo gallery.
I put the two together to create my Slice of Life.

In My Classroom
Students can rewrite the story using the present tense.

Slice of Life
Read more about a slicing life
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