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Tuesday Slice of Life : January 17, 2017.

My first stop.
Her laugh had bubbles in it. Our paths intersected as I walked down Concourse C. In other words, we bumped into each other. I was looking to my left; I guess she was looking the other way. As we bumped, offered apologies, and wished each other a safe trip, she laughed with a bubbling of joy, and it spilled over on me.

My second stop.
Always my favorite stop — ccMcKenzie.

I ask you, how often do you shop for shoes, boots, apparel and accessories at an airport? Well, this morning, ccMcKenzie was a great brick and mortar experience No sooner had I walked into the store, then my husband called. I told him I was shopping in ccMcKenzie.  His response, “Just remember, for every item you buy, you have to get rid of two.” He’s so good for me!

Last week I’d stopped by ccMcKenzie and drooled over a pair of boots, loved a scarf with teal and burnt orange against shades of gray–gorgeous, and tried on a pair of Liverpool jeans.

Today I bought the boots

These are like no other boots I’ve ever worn. They fit like a soft glove. You can wear them with or without socks. They are waterproof. They are machine washable! Read more if you are interested.

And I tried on a pair of shoes. They were wonderful! I would have bought them on the spot, but I was out of space in my luggage. Imagine! I think I’ll stop at the store on my way home on Thursday evening. I really think I need a pair in every color. And like the boots, these are machine washable.

I love the slogan on their sack: The reason to miss your flight.

My next stop.
I picked up a Flying Elephants Deli egg salad sandwich for my breakfast. The sandwich was so yummy! I ate all of it. Every bite. Even the crust of the bread. It was so fresh the lettuce literally crunched as I ate it. The clerk told me every morning the Deli picks up yesterday’s sandwiches and puts out ones made that morning. I paired it with a grande Pike Place Roast from Starbucks.

My last stop.
Concourse C, Gate 19.
Finally, after an hour delay, waiting for our crew, AA599 for Phoenix took off. And what a spectacular day for flying! Here are a few snapshots of what I saw from Seat 6A.

Take off. Mt. St. Helens on the horizon. The Columbia River is in the foreground.

Columbia River Gorge. Clouds hang low over the Gorge. A couple snow-capped mountains in the background.

Mt. Hood.

A closer view of Mt. Hood. The dark part is the forest

The ring of mountains {I’ve labeled them for you.}

Over eastern Oregon.  Take a look at those deep canyons!

Over the Grand Canyon.

Tomorrow I will be working with some awesome teachers in El Paso.
Tonight, I’m REJOICING (OLW17).

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