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pig-fluTuesday Slice of Life : January 10, 2017

A game of hangman using the Bible story words is a favorite of the kids in my Sunday school class. If you’ve ever played hangman, you know that all the letters guessed are recorded — those that are in the word or phrase in their places and a line for those that are not in the word or phrase.

On a Sunday not long ago, when we played a game after our story, the kids were stumped by one of the words I chose. After guessing the letters a and e correctly, they just couldn’t seem to get any others. Without paying much attention to what I was writing, I recorded each incorrectly guessed letter, one after the other,  p – i – g – f – l .

The next guess was the letter u.  I had barely finished writing u on the rejected line when Tommy, with the most dramatic expression, read, “Pig flu!” To which the whole class burst out laughing.
We laughed and laughed and laughed. {I love laughing with kids!}

Oh, by the way, the hangman word was Nazareth out of Luke 1:26.

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