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Poetry Friday  *  Celebrate This Week

I am celebrating a week of writing. A poem. Every day.

I’ve committed to composing a poem each day in response to a work of art. I wrote about it last week and shared my first two poems. This week, I’ve played around with different points of view and tried out a variety of forms. But mostly, I’ve just written and let the lines break where they will. These are drafts, despite their “published appearance.”  By drafts, I mean I wrote them quickly, made a few quick, on-the-spot revisions, and posted.

After I post my poem, I read the poems that other group members share, I read comments of others, and I share a comment. Others read my poem and share their thoughts.

Usually we have the permission of the artist to publicly share a photo of the art piece with our poem. Sometimes, as in the case of my poem “The Making of Sparrow,” we do not. If you follow my link, you will see a picture of the bronze that inspired the poem.

* * * *
February 3:  Passage of Time

* * * *
February 4: In Bronze

* * * *
February 5: Made in Thailand

* * * *
February 6: Cedar Basket

* * * *
February 7: I Must Go

* * * *
February 8: Gift of My Lord


* * * *
February 9: The Making of Sparrow*

From clay sculpture to bronze —
positive, negative, positive*
through the lost-wax process
brought to life in the heat of a furnace.

*Sparrow is the name of the bronze by Andrew Devries that was the prompt.
Positive, negative, positive refers to steps in the creation of a bronze statue. Read more here.


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