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April 24: Happy National Poetry Month!

I am celebrating Poetry Month by pairing quotes about poetry with images. Usually I have shared these daily without commentary. However, I must share a bit about Seamus Heaney here, and I have chosen to share about the occasion of this photograph in this weeks Tuesday Slice of Life, Ancestral Visit .

According to Maria Popova, “[b]eloved Irish poet, playwright, and translator Seamus Heaney was the recipient of innumerable awards, including the 1995 Nobel Prize for Literature, and was noted in his lifetime as the best-read living poet in the world.”

In a #PoetryFriday post, I shared a poem that I found a poem in the words Seamus Heaney (from a transcription of an interview). You can read the poem and the back story in my post “Poetry Stirs Our Humanity.”

This quote inspired me to write “Finding Captain Jeremiah Stiles” … a  slice of our journey to visit the resting places of ancestors who lived in the 1600s and 1700s.

Photo: Alice Nine