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Slice of Life March Challenge. No. 5.

As I type, I can see the slow spinning motion of the ceiling fan blades in their reflection caught by the rim of my glasses. The motion matches the fan’s hum and the caressing breeze it sends downward to cool me. Unfamiliar bird songs float on Saturday’s hushed stillness which hangs heavy around me. This morning, the sun is brighter, the clouds are fewer, and the sky is blue. But they say we will have rain later. In any case, I can tell it’s going to be a muggy day.

morning view to west as sun rises
(from my son’s rooftop terrace)

When we arrived, my son had jokingly told me that he had a short list of things to help us experience true Ecuadorian living during our visit. I wrote of one here (although I don’t think this one was on his list), and of another one here (“greenfrost”), and now I write of a third one.

In the middle of the afternoon, we realized we were without running water. Do you know what that means in a home with seven people?

The city had shut off water a day ago (who knows why or when this will happen), so our water tank had been slowing emptying and by afternoon it was at a level it should not go below. So, my son ordered a tank of water to be delivered by truck. We waited and waited. Finally the truck arrived; water shot from the hose into the tank and churned up the sediment. So even when we finally had water, we had to wait hours for the sediment to settle on the bottom again before turning on the pump.

You cannot imagine how much you use tap water to cook and serve and clean up a meal. And then there is the washing of hands and the flushing of toilets. And at the end of a warm, sticky tropical day without air-conditioning, imagine no shower.

I wonder what else is on that short list?

Here’s a peak at some of the authentic Ecuadorian cuisine we are enjoying.

(my son’s delicious version)
with plantain chips

Parrillada de costillas chancho manabita (grilled baby back ribs)
with patacones (thick green plantain chips)
menestra de lentejas (lentils)
fresh avocado slices (not on my plate)
and salad dressed with fresh lime juice

my daughter-in-law cooking patacones
(these were yummy)

Patacones Manabita
Ecuadorian Lentil Stew


Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for hosting
2017 Slice of Life Story Challenge