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Slice of Life March Challenge. No. 8.

On the beach . . . This little red sand crab was not disturbed by the roar or crashing of waves on the sand. He was not bothered by rain drops from the black stormy clouds above. He did not care that a school of porpoises were feeding near the ocean’s edge. He was not troubled by the birds that circled overhead. And he didn’t mind that I had intruded into his space. He simply kept on working, a little bit at a time. Repetitive. A few grains of sand at a time. He carried them away from his hole, patted them down, and scurried back to the entrance to his hole. There he’d sit for a few seconds before shooting out of sight.


This evening we prepared fresh seafood.

Cleaning fresh shrimp

Black clams

Black clams hot off the grill!

Ripe plantain fried, eaten with a bit of white cheese
Grilled black clams drizzled with lime juice
Plantain chips covered with a mixture of shrimp
that was sauteed in butter and fresh garlic,
chopped tomatoes, cilantro, and lots of lime juice.


Eating grilled clams in the half shell

Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for hosting
2017 Slice of Life Story Challenge