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March Slice of Life No. 16  *  Poetry Friday.

Slicing with green–

I have already selected something green to wear on Saturday, lest I forget and one of my kids or grandkids come by. I know they won’t forget. And since Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day, I’m celebrating with limericks and blessings on this Friday post.

Laughing with limericks–

Today, I wrote four limericks. The first line is in bold because as well as being the first line of the stanza, it is also the title of the limerick.

There once was a cat named Rat
Who sat for a chat with Gnat.
When a bat flew by,
Gnat said, “I must fly!”
Then Rat–the cat– said, “Scat.”
© 2018 Alice Nine

There once was a funny bunny,
Who laughed on days that were sunny.
Cried he, “Beg your pardon”
To the man in the garden.
Now bunny’s no longer funny.
© 2018 Alice Nine

I once found a four-leaf clover
Friends said my trouble was over.
I sang a joyful tune
To a strange raccoon
Now more than my trouble is over.
© 2018 Alice Nine

I heard of a dog from Bonn
Who barked at a man named John.

His bark was so loud
It drew a great crowd
To bark with the dog from Bonn.
© 2018 Alice Nine

In your classroom, the limerick is a great vehicle to notice and intentionally apply some basics of poetic form — lines, syllables, meter, rhyme patterns. It also ties into word work with rhyming words, homophones (homonyms), and multi-meaning words.

How to Write a Limerick is a great resource with explicit instructions, easy to use with students. I reviewed the form and process and used the tips from this site to write my limericks today.

Blessings to live with —

Today, in the tradition of the Irish, I share two blessings, from me to you. The first one is a biblical blessing. It is special to me because at my wedding –immediately after my husband and I were introduced as “Mr. and Mrs.”– we paused and these words were sung over us. The second blessing is a well-known Irish blessing; it’s one I’ve loved since sixth grade. I enjoy Irish blessings — the folklore, the deep faith, and the music of them when they are read.



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