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#SOL16. No.20.

EN, my not-quite-5-year old grandson, dramatically tells Mommy that a spider is on the bedroom floor.

Mommy questions about the exact whereabouts of said spider and heads up the stairs with determination.

EN plops onto the couch, gives Mommy a huge thumbs up, then wipes his brow with his hand and sighs a relieved, “Whew.”

Me to EN: “Why did you say, ‘Whew’?”

EN, with tragic expression: “Spiders want people’s blood.”


So what is the source of this four-year-old’s knowledge of arachnids?
Oh my! It is Wilbur! The pig from Charlotte’s Web! After all, according to Wilbur, Charlotte sucks the blood of a fly caught in her web. So. . . , according to EN, spiders must “want people’s blood” too!


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