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Poetry Friday
I am celebrating
Easter Weekend
winning a book giveaway … Whoohoo!
A BIG thank you to Amy
and to Heinemann.


I share again a found poem I wrote last year,
words and phrases that I found in
“What Are We to Make of Jesus Christ?”
from God in the Dock by C. S. Lewis.

The Resurrection

Strangest story of all,
story of the Resurrection,
get the story clear–
something perfectly new
in the history of the universe.

Christ defeated death:
the door which had been locked
for the first time, forced open,
distinct from mere ghost-survival,
not a picture of survival after death.

Something new appeared
in the universe,
a new mode of being–
that is the story.
What are we going to make of it?

God has come down 
Into the universe,
down to manhood
and come up again,
pulling it up with Him.
What are we to make of Christ?

You must accept
or reject the story.

Others say, This is truth;
He says, I am Truth.
Others, This is the way, the life;
He says, I am
the Way, the Life.

He says, Come to Me
everyone. I am Re-birth,
I am Life. I have overcome
the Universe. That is the issue,
the Resurrection Story.

© 2018 Alice Nine
A found poem from the words of C. S. Lewis

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