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March Slice of Life No. 7.

An EM and EN Tale

It is a motionless evening after a warm, uneventful August day. My daughter and I are sitting on her yard swing, chatting. Her youngest two are playing as a 5-year-old sister (EM) and a 7-year-old brother (EN) who are “best buds” will do at the end of a summer day.

After a while, I notice EM and EN are no longer playing together. EN is beating one of the scooters with his hard foam sword. The wheels on the scooter are pink. {This is a significant observation.}

EM walks over to our swing and reports that EN is beating on her scooter. Mommy calls EN to come to the swing and tells EM to go to the house. EM ignores the instructions, hanging close lest she miss the drama that’s sure to unfold.

EN stands quietly by the swing as Mommy repeats her instructions to EM. Slowly EM swings her long blonde hair as she turns and heads toward the house.

Mommy and EN have a short, calm exchange. Mommy draws it to a close by saying, “Please go to the bathroom and wait for me.”

EN stands ramrod still, makes his eyes and face very sad, and with a soft pleading tone asks, “Can you make it gentle?”

I am alone, gently pushing myself back and forth on the yard swing, surrounded by the hush of a warm summer evening in my daughter’s yard, thankful to be the grandma.

EM and EN

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March 2019 SOLC–Day 7
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