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March Slice of Life No. 18.

So the evening and the morning were . . .
And God saw that it was good.  –Gen. 1

candle between
sun and moon and sun
daybreak to sunrise, sunset to nightfall
stars hide and return, sun rises and sets
slowly unfolding my days and nights
softening the harshness of life
tucking in, throwing off
my vision will adjust
my heart will calm

my mind will relax
warm glow


thank you, God, for

for an ending
and a beginning
to each day, each night
you knew I’d need a time
to let go, to embrace
to ease into change
with rising to setting
from day to night
from night to day
from east to west
from life to death

© 2018 Alice Nine

Writing about my writing

As spring approaches, here in the northern hemisphere, just past the 45th parallel north, the day is beginning to grow longer. Today I was thinking of summer, how the evenings are long and lazy, how twilight lingers. I so enjoy the twilight hours–at the beginning and ending of each day.

I thought about twilight in Ecuador, just miles from the equator. I remember my son telling me to hurry to join him on the rooftop to see the sunset. He told me if I didn’t hurry it would be over. There the sun sets so quickly. Twilight lasts about 20 minutes, and darkness falls. Day in and day out, all year long. Not so here. We enjoy a little less than two hours of twilight in the summer.

So, thinking these thoughts today, I wrote “Twilight.”

Photo: Sunset over the Pacific, taken during our family week at the Oregon coast.

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