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Paint to me is part of story telling,
whether brush strokes on canvas, transforming walls
or giving a new lease on life to a vintage beauty.
Rachel Ashwell

My granddaughter, a high school senior, motioned me over beside her on Sunday and complimented my outfit (made my day!). I was wearing black jeans with a black T-shirt, my brown & black toeless wedges, a multi-strand necklace of bright blue and silver, and a vintage blazer–a long linen, double-breasted off-white Ann Taylor blazer. I share this because it was the vintage blazer that she really liked, and vintage has been on my mind.

I’ve always like most things vintage, and I always am interested in the stories that surround vintage pieces. Perhaps that is what drew me to Rachel Ashwell’s work. She said paint was part of storytelling, and I think she is right.

Today’s found poem is about vintage, inspired by Rachel Ashwell’s blog (see below).

Shabby chic–
Is beauty, comfort, function
Machine washable
Reminiscent of years gone by

Shabby chic–
Gathers memories
Has quality
And aesthetics
Becomes an heirloom

Shabby chic–
A restored treasure
Time-worn beauty
Tattered elegance
The beauty of imperfection

Below is the text that contains my found poem. Words and phrases used in the poem are in bold.

I opened the first Shabby Chic store August of 1989 in Santa Monica, California selling machine washable slipcovered furniture and vintage accessories.

Beauty, Comfort and Function has been my mantra for the past two decades.

Over the years there have been as many as 15 Shabby Chic stores, as well as a wholesale business and licensing programs. With each venture I have always stayed true to my core values and aesthetics . . . the beauty of imperfection.
. . .
Like the original store, these stores sell custom machine washable slipcovered furniture and vintage accessories, along with bedding and other home furnishings. The focus of the store is to offer a luxury custom home furnishing service and products reminiscent of years gone by.  Any piece of slipcovered/upholstered furniture can be customized. All vintage accessories are hand picked during my travels to Texas, London and places in between. We also offer interior design services.

I pride myself on continuing to sell products that gather memories and have the quality and aesthetics to become heirlooms.

We use the best woods and construction available. We have buckets of dye in our workroom to create the perfect palette. We painstakingly restore vintage treasures while protecting the character of time worn beauties. All are a true labor of love.

Tattered Elegance has a home in Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture™. . . .

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture

In My Classroom

found poem is created from words and phrases that are “found” in a descriptive literary passage. Pick words, phrases, and lines that catch your attention, that you like.  Then formatted these excerpts to compose a poem.  Writing a found poem involves recasting prose into poetry. The process supports insightful reading and creative thinking and writing.
Found poem instructions from ReadWriteThink.

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a poem for
April 2016
National Poetry Month,
a literary celebration inaugurated
by the Academy of American Poetry