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Tuesday Slice of Life : December 12, 2016.

Version 2

First, big wet, sloppy flakes fell.
Then, the wind began to howl, driving the flakes sideways, changing them to little pellets of ice. The wind blew so ferociously that when my furnace shut off, the cold that had been creeping in around the doors and windows rushed across the room causing me to shiver. Our first storm of the winter raged.
That was Thursday.

The next morning, one of my friends was trying to negotiate her icy street on foot with a suitcase — more specifically, with a roll-aboard.  [I googled and read much about which term is correct—”roller board” or “roll-aboard.” It’s “roll-aboard.” Trust me.]  I know you are wondering why she was on her icy street with her roll-aboard, right? Well, you see, she was returning from a mini-vacation in Florida. [If I were her, I would’ve increased it to a maxi-vacation.]  After major airport delays, she’d finally landed PDX, and her brother had braved the icy roads to pick her up [nice guy]. But when he got near her place, he had let her out at the top of the hill [smart guy], figuring she could walk with her roll-aboard to her house easier than he could navigate the icy hill with his car.
That was when my friend went live on Facebook.

Words of wisdom, caution, and sympathy flowed. And they continued even after she was safely in her house. [Some FB threads have a life of their own.] With some amusement, I read each post.
That was when I learned about walking on ice.

Did you know that you can walk on ice with two throw rugs?  [I still can’t believe I’ve lived in ice-country most of my life and never heard of this one.]  That’s right! You just need two throw rugs. [Maybe I could do this instead of using spiked golf shoes — that’s how my husband walks on ice.]  It’s all right here, in the details explaining how my friend’s sister could rescue her.


And that, folks, is how you walk on ice.

Photo: View through my dining room window 12/9/16


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