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Looking for multi-letter phonograms in words.
Today in kindergarten, we began our lesson by hunting for multi-letter phonograms in the date. As we found them, we underlined them to show the letters work together for one sound in the word.

Our phonogram dictation.
I dictated the phonograms and students wrote them in their notebooks. Then they dictated them back to me and I wrote them on the board so they could proof their work. I they found an error, they wrote the correction like a colored overlay on the error.

Some word work.
We hunted for words in our dictations. We found hen, tag, pow, is, fun, and we circled them in red. It was especially fun to find ow in pow. Do you see the word we missed?  Then we changed the vowel in our last word, fun, and made fan and fin.



(missed the word: owl)