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I flew six thousand miles from Pacific to Atlantic to Pacific to spend three wonderful days teaching in kindergarten through third grade classrooms in two Brooklyn schools.

Travel  …

Here are a couple views from my window in the sky:  NYC skyline as we approach LaGuardia Airport (LGA) on Monday evening, Mt Hood and  ships in the Columbia River as we approach Portland Airport (PDX) on Friday.

In the classroom …

During the three days, my modeling focused on crafting sentences using imitation, anchor lessons, and a purposeful routine I call Tactical Sentence Instruction.

We analyzed sentences from E.B.White’s Charlotte’s Web.  It was such fun to use mime to create our scenarios from which to generate ideas and words for our imitation sentences. Here’s a snapshot from our first mime during second grade.

We closely examined the structure of sentences with two anchor lessons. In first grade we had deep discussion about the four kinds of sentences and their structural changes, pushing beyond end punctuation marks to expand our understanding.

In second grade, we examined simple and compound sentences, discovering how our choice of coordinating conjunctions can change the meaning of the sentence.

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