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Mentor Sentences

April 25 @ 8:00 am - 3:00 pm MDT

Use model sentences to teach grammar, craft moves (revision), and lift the level of student writing.

Registration is OPEN.
El Paso, Texas

Workshop Summary

Alice Nine will show you how you can apply grammar as you practice revision and editing skills with mentor sentences using her simple instructional routine ( #A9TSI ).  She will show you how to help your students–

*Develop the habit of noticing language patterns
*Master grammar through meaningful application
*Develop crafting skills that will lift their writing

Alice Nine’s strategy ( #A9TSI ) makes daily application and practice of foundational knowledge and skills easy to blend 
into any writing program at any grade level.

Aligns with new ELAR TEKS

Strand 6: Composition – By providing students with instruction and practice using appropriate conventions. Also provides opportunities to grow revision skills by learning how authors craft sentences and to improve editing skills by developing the habit of noticing.

Workshop Agenda

Mentor Sentences is a one-day workshop day. View / Print the Agenda.
This workshop is offered on two dates: April 25 and June 13, 2019.

It’s easy to enroll :
1)  Follow directions on the Registration Form
2)  Our PD facilitator will complete your registration and send a confirmation email to you.
View/Print: Brochure / Registration Form.


Why work with one sentence at a time?
The answer is in this quote.

“In her book The Writing Life (1989), Annie Dillard tells the story of a fellow writer who was asked by a student, “Do you think I could be a writer?” “‘Well,’ the writer said, ‘do you like sentences?'” The student is surprised by the question, but Dillard knows exactly what was meant. He was being told, she explains, that “if he likes sentences he could begin,” and she remembers a similar conversation with a painter friend. “I asked him how he came to be a painter. He said, ‘I like the smell of paint.'” The point, made implicitly (Dillard does not belabour it), is that you don’t begin with a grand conception, either of the great American novel or masterpiece that will hang in the Louvre. You begin with a feel for the nitty-gritty material of the medium, paint in one case, sentences in the other.”  ― Stanley Fish


Mentor Sentences is a Growing Strong Writers workshop.
Growing Strong Writers Workshop Series with Alice Nine is attentive to the importance of daily writing practice, the complex demands of learning English, and a desire to cultivate a love for writing

These workshops offer super simple, no nonsense, can-use-it-tomorrow routines and strategies. Workshops are interactive with teachers doing the work of a student to step-by-step experience the routines themselves. to examine routine procedures and management, and to clarify, connect, and expand personal knowledge. Alice also shares practical ideas for adapting routines to meet diverse student needs and the demands of writing across core curriculum.

Other Growing Strong Writer workshops:  How We Write, Writing with Authors, Sentence Combining, Poetry Fridays, Morning Pages, Small Writing, Poetry Notebook.


Radison Hotel El Paso Airport
1770 Airway Blvd
El Paso, TX 79925 United States
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Alice Nine
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