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March Slice of Life No. 4.

Write a story in six words, that’s the task.

Here are a few drafts.

  • Thrilled, they screamed themselves into oblivion.
  • Twisting and turning, they screamed fearlessly.
  • Soaring, twisting, diving upchucked his lunch.
  • It rose; it dove, then failed.
  • Their first shouldn’t’ve been their last.


Writing about my writing

My friend shared this photo on social media this morning. I used it as my prompt.

The Yukon Striker (Canada’s Wonderland) — officially the world’s tallest, longest (and soon-to-be fastest) Dive Coaster!

Tomorrow, I will share more about writing six-word stories. You don’t want to miss it.

If you thought of a six-word story for this prompt
or a revision for one of mine,
I’d love for you to share it.