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Slice of Life.

Our temps reached 57 today before the sun began to sink. I’ve noticed evening light is lingering longer and the sun isn’t tracking so low in our southern sky. Dare I believe that winter is behind us?  With the warmer weather and sunny hours, I’ve debated all day about laying aside my work and giving my flowerbeds and rose bushes a bit of loving care. But I didn’t. I am in the midst of a big project, and I really need to stay on task. I need to push through on it.

Then, why am I writing this?

This month, I’ve committed to writing an ekphrastic poem each day.  I’m a member of a poetry writing community and am participating in our annual February challenge. And as you may know, writing challenges are not just about writing. They are also about reading and commenting and reading and commenting some more. They are addictively distracting.

I really need to get back to work.

Oh yes, here’s a link to my first two ekphrastic poems posted for #PoetryFriday.
You can read the others right here.

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Thank you Two Writing Teachers
for hosting  2017 Slice of Life Story Challenge
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